Training at Våler Raceway 6-7 may 2017

6 to 7. May started this year's first training on Våler Raceway.
We brought three bikes, two Yamaha TZ250 and new of the year Honda 350.
The test of Honda was a little special since it was several years since Hans had driven this, but he quickly got into the rhythm and felt at home on it.
The Honda 350 worked fine for several rounds, but then the engine stopped. Ugly sounds from the top meant we just had to shut off. The test of both Yamaha went without any problems, and the times were almost down at his best time last year.
When we got home, it turned out that the problems on the Honda were due to fatigue in camshaft. This is now alright and the bike is ready for the first race that runs in Finland from 20 to 21 May.

vaaler1 small vaaler2 small  vaaler7 small vaaler8 small

Racing Seminar 2017

This year Racing Seminar in the basement of Hans Riksfjord is over. As usual a nice evening with friends.This year we were visited by Bård Tafjord who had a demonstration of his self-built Harley engine in miniature. Impressive engineering.

seminar2017 1 small seminar2017 2 small

miniharley film

Last race in 2016 Karlskoga

This year's final race finished, and Klas Ericsson was too strong. I got a 2 place in the Nordic Championship in 2016.

Friday: It was 28 degrees and almost too hot for qualification. I came in as No. 2 of 26 starters, only 0.9 seconds behind No. 1.

Saturday: Early on Saturday, I was involved in a crash, after the start I was up in over 190 km / h and went too fast into the corner and the rear wheel went out. (Low sides). Should we win then you have to give everything) I came out first and led the race in 2 rounds before Klas Ericsson came past me, I was lying on the rear wheel of Klas all the way to the finish, but then it turned out that the jury thought I'd jumped the start and imposed me 20 seconds as punishment, and it meant that I slid down to 8 place. There was no point in protesting, I even felt that I was a little too quick, but a false start was delicate.

Sunday: Because. the penalty on Saturday, I had to concentrate on to salvage the silver. It began to rain heavily just before the race and we had to put on rain tires. I first came out with Klas on wheels, but the 3 turn, I was just about to crash. Then there came one past me and I got to the finish as No. 3.
I wish to thank the whole team, mechanics and all supporters for all the support and help that you have given me, so I can continue with this madness.

2017 is a new year with new opportunities

More photos can be seen here ...

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Veteran Meet MotoCross Lier 2016

An awesome weekend with Racing.
I was invited to Lier in conjunction with Veteran Meet Moto Cross in 2016 (we who drove Moto Cross of 60-70 and 80s) This weekend should also host the Nordic Championship in Moto Cross,I drove active from 1975 to 1985. I won my first race Cross autumn 1980, and it gave me a taste for more ..... so the early 80s there were many victories. It was fun and meet those that I drove along with the 80s, see pictures. After guided tours of the museum to Fuglerud and history of Jannis from Team Championships in 1975, I sat in my car and drove over to Våler where it was NM and Nordic Championships in modern RR. There I met my good friend Geir Holmberg, and he served up a real cowboy breakfast on Sunday morning. It was fun and see Hennig Flathaug winning both NM and Nordic, congrats to Henning and the team around him.


veterantreff3 2016 small  veterantreff5 2016 small veterantreff7 2016 small veterantreff6 2016 small veterantreff4 2016 small

Sviestad 2016

Hans has completed a good race today, he is satisfied with the run, but not with the place, lost in the final round. Heat over 30 drivers indicate large "traffic". The bike worked well today and he kept improving his laptimes. Now we are on our way home after being "on the road" for 10 days, not to mention a great weekend at Sviestad i Sverige.

sviestad1 2016 small sviestad2 2016 small

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Montering av TZ250

Film Botniaring 2015

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