Veteran Meet MotoCross Lier 2016

An awesome weekend with Racing.
I was invited to Lier in conjunction with Veteran Meet Moto Cross in 2016 (we who drove Moto Cross of 60-70 and 80s) This weekend should also host the Nordic Championship in Moto Cross,I drove active from 1975 to 1985. I won my first race Cross autumn 1980, and it gave me a taste for more ..... so the early 80s there were many victories. It was fun and meet those that I drove along with the 80s, see pictures. After guided tours of the museum to Fuglerud and history of Jannis from Team Championships in 1975, I sat in my car and drove over to Våler where it was NM and Nordic Championships in modern RR. There I met my good friend Geir Holmberg, and he served up a real cowboy breakfast on Sunday morning. It was fun and see Hennig Flathaug winning both NM and Nordic, congrats to Henning and the team around him.


veterantreff3 2016 small  veterantreff5 2016 small veterantreff7 2016 small veterantreff6 2016 small veterantreff4 2016 small

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Nordisk Mesterskap Anderstorp,
Nordisk Mesterskap Anderstorp,


Montering av TZ250

Film Botniaring 2015

Film fra Nordisk Mesterskap Botniaring Finland 2015