Training at Våler Raceway 6-7 may 2017

6 to 7. May started this year's first training on Våler Raceway.
We brought three bikes, two Yamaha TZ250 and new of the year Honda 350.
The test of Honda was a little special since it was several years since Hans had driven this, but he quickly got into the rhythm and felt at home on it.
The Honda 350 worked fine for several rounds, but then the engine stopped. Ugly sounds from the top meant we just had to shut off. The test of both Yamaha went without any problems, and the times were almost down at his best time last year.
When we got home, it turned out that the problems on the Honda were due to fatigue in camshaft. This is now alright and the bike is ready for the first race that runs in Finland from 20 to 21 May.

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Nordisk Mesterskap Anderstorp,
Nordisk Mesterskap Anderstorp,


Montering av TZ250

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