Finale Nordic Championship 2015

The last two rounds of the Nordic Championship Classic Racing took place on Jyllandsringen this weekend.
Saturday was the weather changing with difficult driving conditions. Wet and dry track interchangeably, but qualified for 3rd pole position and finished in 3 place on race Saturday.
On Sunday there was a new qualification and new challenges. It was also difficult driving conditions and heavy rain.
In qualifying I had engine problems and came in as no. 5. The race on Sunday I ended on a 4th place, which I was not totally happy with.
Dane Mike Spile won the Nordic Championship with 131 points, Geir Holmberg got silver with 125 points. I also got 125 points, but got bronze medal, because Geir Holmberg had several 1st place through season 2015 than me.
It has never been so close in the forefront as this year, and the entire Nordic Championship was decided on Sunday.
A big thanks to the mechanics Jan Tore Sandøy and Arne Peder Grøvdal who have followed me throughout the season. I am pleased with the progress this year and look forward to season 2016

A big thanks to all the sponsors who have supported me this year, and a big thanks to my employer.
Now there will be 1 month's break before we initiates preparations for next year's season.


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Karlskoga august 2015

5th and 6th round in Classic Roadracing was held in Karlskoga last weekend, which for my part was poor, technical problems and a lot of screwing. It was a 4th and 5th place. Saturday I did an okay race and felt that things worked, even though the competition was strong. Sunday I came out as No. 7 after the first turn and drove up to 3rd place and was struggling with a competitor, but had to give in at the end. I is now in 2nd place overall in the Nordic championship, so there is still an opportunity to bring home the victory.

The last two rounds go in Denmark 12.-13. september.

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Våler 12-14 Jun 2015

During Friday I ended on a disappointing 6 th place.
Race 2 on Sunday started well and I was lying in third place the first few rounds, but ended in a nasty highside. It went well with the driver, and only minor damage to the bike. The next race is about a month in Mo i Rana.

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Botniaring 2015

Nordic Championship at Botnia Ring in Finland. 4 to 7 June 2015

Drama on Botnia Ring Finland Saturday, June 6.
I was in front and leading the race 13 times, but managed to fumble away victory by 0.09 seconds.

Already during Thursday we wrecked two engines.
In order to get everything ready for qualifying on Friday, we had to work at night to set up two working engines.

On Friday I qualified as no. 3, and the bikes worked fine.

Saturday the race went on a wet track.
I got 2nd place, 0.09 seconds. behind winner Mike Spile from Denmark on a Ducati 750. 3 place went to Magnus Vilhelmsen.

That Sunday race went on a dry track.
I got 3rd place, beaten by Geir Holmberg on 2nd place and Mike Sile first

I am now no. 2 in the Nordic Championship standings after two rounds.

The next race is this weekend at Våler, which does not count in the Nordic Championships.


Se film from the race at saturday : Film from Botniaring 2015

Falkenberg 15-17 May 2015

Falkenberg, Classic roadracing 15.-17. May 2015
The weekend started well when I qualified to 3 best starting position for Saturday's race. Race started dry but after 5 laps it started to rain, but the 6th round I hit on an oil stain in a bend which resulted in my sail about 100 meters on the butt and was out of the race, I was then in 3rd place. There were 3 other drivers who also ran out in the same turn. Sunday started the day with sunshine, but as I was driving out of the start record came a real downpour followed hail shower. Rainbike had to be taken out and race was delayed for 10 min. There were many who did not come to start because of the rain but I completed the course and retained 3rd place. I got a good start and was 2 in first round but was unable to keep the pace to the finish.
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Montering av TZ250

Film Botniaring 2015

Film fra Nordisk Mesterskap Botniaring Finland 2015