Strategy meeting for 2015

Strategy Meeting on Sandøya with planning next year's season.
With Hans Riksfjord, Jan Tore Sandøy og Arne Peder Grøvdal

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Jyllandsringen Sunday 14 sept

It was third place in the Nordic Championship 2014. Geir Holmberg was No 1 and No 2 Sverre Satsigård.
I got fourth place in the race today. Now it remains only a long journey home.

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Andre runde på Kalskoga

Hans took the start and led the first lap, was overtaken by Clas and Geir eventually. Braked out of the path and came down in 4th place which he held until the finish. The bike worked fine throughout the race.
The race was won by Clas Erikson, Geir Holmberg in 2, Geir Lien on 3 and Hans Riksfjord 4. The next chance comes already in 14 days at Jyllandsringen Denmark, which is the final found in Nordic Championship.

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Nordisk Mesterskap Anderstorp,
Nordisk Mesterskap Anderstorp,


Montering av TZ250

Film Botniaring 2015

Film fra Nordisk Mesterskap Botniaring Finland 2015