Haunted by accident at Botnia Ring

Haunted by accident at Botnia Ring in Finland. Free exercise on Friday went smoothly, also qualifying on Saturday was good. I kvalified as No. 3. During the Saturday race, the shift linkage broke after four laps. I finished the race with only four gears intact and ended up eventually as No. 5. Warmup on Sunday went very smoothly. In the race I got a good start, but only after half a lap i struggled with the shift linkage again. So now I go home and fix my bike before I go down to Valer next weekend.


Crash in Cartagena


Then it was a walk in the gravel :-) I´m okay and will now take Easter holiday.

Happy Easter to you all :)

Almeria 13 mars 2014


Jan Tore and Petter goes home today. They have done a great job for me down here. Thank you Jan Tore and Petter that you travel with me down here to Spain. I had some problems with the gearbox today, and this part I did not take with me. Jan Tore made an attempt and repair the transmission but it did not work for long. My wife comes here in the morning and she has with her two new parts. Last race day now on tuesday, so we'll be vacationing for a week.



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Nordisk Mesterskap Anderstorp,
Nordisk Mesterskap Anderstorp,


Montering av TZ250

Film Botniaring 2015

Film fra Nordisk Mesterskap Botniaring Finland 2015