Round 3 and 4 in Nordisk at Våler

Then 3 and 4 round of Nordic championship is finished, I got 2 second places, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both races were won by Klas Eriksson from Sweden. I was quick at the start, both on Saturday and Sunday and led both races from start to midway through the competition but Klas was too strong. I still leading Nordic Championship with 10 points on Klas Eriksson.

85p. Hans Riksfjord, 75p. Klas Eriksson and 61p. Magnus Wilhelmsen. Finals that would go the second weekend in Denmark has been canceled, the last two rounds will be run in Karlskoga last weekend of August.

Now I have one and half month holiday from racing, I have had some technical problems with the bike this year that I can not figure out. Now we will use the time until the next race to find the error.

Asgeir Røbekk and Frank Egil Rånes from NMK Molde also participated. Asgeir drove in class 750ccm, but suffered engine trouble on both Saturday and Sunday and was unfortunately not to the finish in any of the races.

Frank Egil Rånes became no. 16 on Saturday and 13 on Sunday in class Classic Superbike.


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Botniaring Finland 2016

The first race in the Nordic Championship was held this weekend at Botnia Ring in Finland.
Finally came the first victory, it had to go three years until I managed to win a race with my Yamaha 250 cc.
This weekend was run in two classes. In class 250GP were two 1-places, one on Saturday in wet, and on Sunday under good conditions. And there I was the best in all qualifiers for the whole weekend.

In class Formula F2 was a 2-place on Saturday, behind Swede Clas Eriksson.
During the Sunday I stayd as number 2 behind Clas Eriksson, and after three corners, the Swede got a"lowsider" and went on to the gravel. After that it was just to secure the lead until I got the checkered flag. No. 2 was Svein Kragtorp, also from Norway.
Frank Rånes from Batnefjorden (NMC Molde) also participated in class 750 Superbike. He ended at 6 plass.
Now after two races, I am leading managed Nordic Championship, Next race is on Vålerbanen (Home) about two weeks.


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Meeting January 2016

January 29 we gathered for the annual basement party in the workshop.
There were long tables with good food and drink. The team presented what was done with the bike and the engine during the winter, to get this even more competitive for this season. It was an enjoyable evening with lots of great stories into the evening. Before the party, the team had a little meeting to find out how to get more trophies on the shelf in 2016.

Her legges det slagplan for 2016 Kjellerfest Kjellerfest Kjellerfest Kjellerfest Kjellerfest

MotoGP in Valencia 2015

MotoGP Valencia 6-8. November
In November 6 to 8 went last MotoGP race held in Valencia,
There we had to go. In Valencia we also met Geir Abrahamsen and Henning. We stayed at the same hotel.
The weather was absolutely top with up to 26 degrees at midday.
It was an amazing trip in good weather with good friends and a lot of exciting driving on the track.
Hans Riksfjord, Arne Peder Grøvdal and Arthur Smaamo.

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Film Botniaring 2015

Film fra Nordisk Mesterskap Botniaring Finland 2015